Celebratory poles by John Kaufman's community project, encircling TAU


Art Party in the Park 2
Sunday, September 22, 2013, 1 – 6pm
TAU sculpture site in Meadowland Park, South Orange, NJ 07079

This is South Orange's second annual art "happening" honoring South Orange and Essex County native and world-renowned sculptor Tony Smith. The event will include displays and projects by local artists, galleries and arts organizations, with activities for children and adults. Art Party in the Park will take place rain or shine at the TAU sculpture site in Meadowland Park.

Presented by the Lennie Pierro Memorial Arts Foundation and the Village of South Orange Department of Recreation and Cultural Affairs.

1978 Maplewood Arts Center collage table

Evelyn Graves and Ellen Greenfield, artists/organizers at 1978 discussing art making with attendee

GAS Gallery & Studio, Maplewood

GAS providing canvas for on site painting

Virginia Canino exhibiting her work

Laura Giannini exhibiting her TAU related photographs

Happy 100th Birthday Tony Smith!

Eric Beckenrich provides sculptural exploration with his unique works of blocks

Pierro Gallery presents Extrapolation: Suggestions of Tony Smith including artists Ethan Greenbaum and Sarah Bednarek

John Kaufman's community created celebration poles

Laura Giannini

Tana Pierro creating a site specific work for the event

TAU surrounded by John Kaufman's community sculptures

1978 MAC station with a flurry of creative participants

Celebratory remarks by LPMAF President Judy Wukitsch

One of 100 works from a site specific art path by Kate Dodd

Cardboard sculpture by Russell Christian engaging participants with a monumental scale

Kids have a great time building on a large scale with Russell Christian's work

LPMAF with member Tonia Waterbury presenting past and future projects